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Kristel translated this tut into English for me, thank you for the great job! You can find the original tut here.

Kristel dank je wel voor het vertalen van deze les.


tube of your choice

rest of the supplies here

 put the brush in your folder brushes.

Open all supplies in PSP and minimize for now.

Open a new 700 x500 blank canvas.  

Pick 2 colors out of your tube.

1 dark (foregroundcolor), I used  #831e58

1 light (backgroundcolor, I used  #b292a9

floodfill your canvas with the foregroundcolor.

layers-new rasterlayer

 floodfill with your backgroundcolor.

layers -new masklayer - from image and search for


effects - edge effects - Enhance

 Layers merge - merge group

Copy dunia-WordArt-adorable and paste as new layer.

slide it a little bit down on the circle.

copy and paste QBlove-wordart6 on a new layer

this one should be on his place.

Copy and paste from Caro_accents_heart layer- Hart 1

Slide it a little bit down.

 Copy layer Hart 2 and paste as new layer

slide it to above and a little bit to the right .

Copy your tube and paste as new layer

Resize it when, you think your tube is to large

slide it to the left.

 Effects - drop shadow : 2-2-75-25 black. 

Activate your airbrush and look for : hbgbrush-old191 006

brush this with your dark color on your left  a couple times under each other

if u use a tube like mine, don't forget the link and copyright from the artist on your tag

layers - merge - merge all(flatten) 

image - add borders - 2 pixels your dark color

place your name and watermark.

and your tut is done.


Don't copy anything without my permission.
Have fun making my tut.
leave the names and watermark of the tubes intact.

©Snakelady 20-12-07. All Rights Reserved.


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examples of the original tut