The tube I used for this lesson is from Popeye Wong.

You find all the materials here.

Put the brushes in your brushes folder, the mask in your mask folder and open the rest of the materials in PSP.

Open a new image - 600 x 600 - White.

Layers - New raster layer.

Choose a nice color from your tube (I used #415b12) - Flood fill your layer.

Layers - Load/save mask - load mask from disk - find becky_mask009:

Layers - Merge - Merge group.

Copy the christmastree - Past as a new layer.

Effects - 3D-Effects - Drop Shadow: 0 - 0 - 65 - 10 - Black.

Copy the ornament - Past as a new layer.
Place it at the top of the christmastree.

Copy Goldbow - Past as a new layer.
Place it at the top of the christmastree, exactly on the green ribbon.

Copy the tube of popeye Wong - Past as a new layer.
Place it a bit to the left and down.

Give the same Drop Shadow.

Copy the tube jd-cmas5 - Past as a new layer.

Place it to bottom right.

Give the same Drop Shadow.

Copy the tube Christmas024 AS - Past as a new layer.
Place it up to the right - and arrange this layer below the layer of the christmastree.

Give the same Drop Shadow.

Activate the top layer.

Copy the corner stitch - place it to the left (see example above).

Arrange this layer under the layer of the christmastree.

Activate your Brush tool - find Brush ts_starbrushes 001.

Activate the white bottom layer.

Stamp with red, right behind the golden bow.

Find the Brush wlj111504xmastree - Stamp with red left and right of the tree at different heights - see example above.

Find the Brush christmas03-Danetta.
Turn the rotation at 270 - stamp it on the left.

Add your watermark and name.

The font I used is called SBC Jillsplace.

Layers - Merge - Merge all (Flatten).

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Have fun with this lesson.

Let the names and watermarks from the tubes intact.

Do not copy anything without my consent and no hotlinking.

Do you want to link or use my lesson for other purposes than ask for permission.

©Snakelady 13-07-10 All Rights Reserved.

Translated by Zial on August 27, 2010