Translated into English by Sonel
with permission from the creator, Snakelady


Snakelady's Original Tutorial here in Dutch

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What you need for this tutorial:

A tube of your choice.


The mask is from Sharlimar.
The frame is from Cordelia.

Download the rest of the supplies here.

Let's start!

Open a new image 600 x 500 white.

Layers - New Raster Layer.

Choose a colour from your tube, I used #682554 and fill your layer with it.

Layer - New Mask Layer - From image:

Layers Merge - Merge Group.

Copy frame4_byCordelia and paste as a New Layer.

Use your Raster Deform Tool to fit the frame - see example

Activate your Mask Layer (group - raster 2)

Copy your tube and paste as a New Layer.

Move you tube into position and resize if necessary.

Layers Duplicate - Arrange - move up.

With your Selection Tool, delete the bottom part of your tube so that the frame is visible.
See example.

Activate the layer of your bottom tube > Effects - 3D Effects > Drop Shadow : 2-2-75-8 Black.

Activate your white background layer.

Image - Canvas Size:

Fill with your white colour.

Activate the Top Layer.

Copy the BuckledRibbon and paste as a New Layer.

Move to the right of your image and give it the same drop shadow as before.

Copy adorno2 - the screw and paste as a New Layer.
Move to the top of your buckled ribbon.

Layers - Duplicate - Image - Flip.

Layers Merge - Merge All (Flatten).

Add your watermark, name and text on the right hand side of your image.
I used the font P22Parrish .

Alternate Versions by Snakelady

Alternate Version by Sonel

Tube © Dozibaer
Artist : Jeff Lyons



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I hope you had much pleasure in making this tutorial.
Please leave the names and watermarks on the tubes intact.
Do no use anything without Snakelady's permission and no hot-linking please.
If you want to use her tutorial for other purposes, please ask permission first.
©Snakelady 12-04-08. All Rights Reserved.