Flower Rain  

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Snakelady, hartelijk dank voor je toestemming om deze les te mogen vertalen.

Snakelady, thank you so much for your permission to translate this lesson.


What do you need:

A nice tube of your own.

A background which we will use as a brush (attached).

A nice animation (attached).

You can find the materials for this lesson here

Open your pictures in PSP.

Set the Preset Shapes in your folder for Preset Shapes.
We will open the animation later in Animation Shop (AS).

Choose a dark foreground color (#a11e11) and a slightly lighter background color (#dd571a).

1. Open a transparent image of 500 x 500 pixels.

Flood fill your image with your foreground color.

Open the image 'backbrushe (Flowerback)'.

File - Export - Custom Brushes.
Give the brush a name, for example 'Flowerback' - click OK.

Switch your colors, so that your foreground color is light.

Activate your Brush tool - find your brush - Size 475 - with these settings:

Stamp the brush in your picture - see example.

If necessary, click 2x.

2. Copy your tube (Height about 450 pixels).

Paste as a new layer on your working image.

Place your tube on the left side - see example.

Leave at the bottom and top a edge free.

Effects - 3D Effects - Drop shadow: hor and vert 2 - opacity 75 - blur 7.

3. Layers - New raster layer.

Activate your Preset Shapes - find the decorative edge 'all13' - (ofcourse you're free to use an other decorative edge) with these settings: 

Set your foreground back to the dark color and your background back to the light color.

Pull from top left to to pright the decorative edge.

Layers - Convert to raster layer.

Effects - 3D Effects - Drop shadow - same settings.

4. Layers - Duplicate - Image - Flip.

With the Erase tool I erase the top and bottom of the tube that stuck under the rim - I found that more beautiful.

For that, activate the first layer with your tube, then erase:

Layers - Merge - Merge all layers (Flatten).

5. Activate your Text tool to add your name.

Choose a nice font - I chose font 'Juice Itc' - with these settings:

Layers - Convert to raster layer.

Effects - 3D Effects - Drop shadow - same settings.

Layers - Merge - Merge all layers (Flatten).

If you want, add your watermark and you're done!

6. If you like it, we now put in the animation.
Continue to read and follow exactly what I'm saying, then it can't go wrong.

Edit - Copy.

Open Animation Shop (AS).

Paste as a new animation (right click).

Find your 'floweranimatie' - open it in AS.

You will see that the 'floweranimatie' has 20 frames,
your crea only 1, here we also make 20 frames.

Minimize your animation, now you only have your crea standing.

Click on 'Copy':

Paste - After current frame:

Click here 19 times, if all goes well then you will have 20 frames.
Check this well!!!

Press CTRL+A and all 20 frames are selected. You can see this, because every frame has a blue border.

Maximize your animation - press again CTRL+A - now all the frames of the floweranimatie are selected.

Click again on Copy .
Minimize your animation again.

Make sure that all 20 frames of your picture are selected.

If not, press CTRL+A.

Make sure that the first frame is in front of you.

Now click on Paste - Into selected frame.
The rightmost of the 4.

Place the animation with one mouse click in the right place in your image.

You will now see that the entire animation is spread over all 20 frames.

Do you want to see the effect? Click 'View - Animation' .

Are you satishied with the results? Save your FlowerRain crea.

Do you like to show me and others your results?

Then join the Snake Lady's PSP show bord.

This group was specially created for all the results of all classes to show.

Have fun doing this tutorial.

Let the names and watermarks from the tubes intact.

Copy nothing without my permission and no hotlinking.
Do you want link or use my tutorial for other purposes, please ask permission first.

©Snakelady september 2005 All Rights Reserved.


Translated by Zial on July 18, 2011


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