Translated into English by Sonel

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with permission from the creator, Snakelady

Snakelady's Original Tutorial here in Dutch


Download all the Supplies here.

The lovely tube that I used is from 
Popeye Wong and is included in the Supplies.

The lovely Frame (SE_onthisday_frame.pspimage) comes from Melissa at Scrappy Expressions,
but she closed it and has a new Scrap Blog called
Sentimental Style.

Put the mask (1_TJK.jpg) in your PSP Mask folder and open the rest of the Supplies in PSP.

You can also use your own picture or photo with this tutorial.
Make sure that it has a resolution of 600 x 400.

Let's Start!

New Image : 700 x 500 White.

Layers - New Raster Layer.

Choose a colourful color from your tube.  I used #ff2584.

Floodfill the layer with this colour.

Layers - Load/Save Mask - Load Mask from Disk,
look for the mask 1_TJK and load with the following settings:

Layers - Merge - Merge Group.

Copy the Tulips (tulpen.jpg) and Paste as a New Layer.

Copy 'marialafrance_photosplits2_4shad.png' and Paste as a New Layer.

With you Magic Wand, select the white border.

Activate the layer of the Tulips and press the Delete button.

Selections - Select None.

Activate the Top Layer.

Effects - 3D Effects - Drop Shadow : 1-1-60-5 Black.

Copoy the tube (border-floral.png) and Paste as a New Layer.

Move to the right.

Move the layer below the layer of the Tulips.

Activate the Top Layer again.

Copy the frame (SE_onthisday_frame.pspimage) and Paste as a New Layer.
Leave as it is.

Copy the element (HS-element-stitch) and Paste it as a New Layer.
Move it to the left top corner of the frame.

Copy the bow (wrap.pspimage) and Paste as a New Layer.
Move down and place it so that it looks like it's wrapped around the Tulip image.

Copy the tube (a-fragile-lesson.pspimage) and Paste as a New Layer.
Move it to the right.

Apply the same Drop Shadow.
Effects - 3D Effects - Drop Shadow : 1-1-60-5 Black.

Add your watermark and name.
I used the Font : Xmas Text - size 72.

Layers - Merge - Merge All (Flatten).

This is another example where I used a Photo that I took.

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I hope you had much pleasure in doing this tutorial.
Please leave the names and watermarks on the tubes intact.
Do not use anything without Snakelady's permission and no hot-linking please.
If you want to use her tutorial for other purposes, please ask permission first.
©Snakelady 29-06-08 All Rights Reserved.