Translated into English by Sonel
with permission from the creator, Snakelady

Snakelady's Original Tutorial here in Dutch

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 Supplies needed for this Tutorial:

A tube of your own choice 

This lovely tube that Snakelady used, is from Joe Pekar.
You can find his site here.

The rest of the Supplies can be downloaded here.

Let's start!

Open the Supplies in PSP.

 New Image : 600 x 600 White.
 Choose 2 colors from your tube or graphic.
 I chose #ff0000 (Foreground) and #da32b7 (Background)
 Change your Foreground to Gradient : Linear, Angel 45 and Repeats : 1.
 Copy (backpigtail.jpg) and Paste as a New Layer.
 Move it to the left side.
 Selections - Select All - Selections - Float
 Selections - Modify - Select Selection Borders:


Layers - New Raster Layer.

Floodfill the Selection with your Gradient.

Effects - 3D Effects - Drop Shadow: 0-2-70-8 Black

Selections - Select None.

Copy your tube and Paste as a New Layer.

Move downwards and to the side.

Add the same Drop Shadow.
Effects - 3D Effects - Drop Shadow: 0-2-70-8 Black

If you are using the same tube that I am using, do the following:

* Lock the visibility layer of the tube.

* Activate Raster 1 (the layer with the backpigtail.jpg)

* With your Magic Wand, select part of the purple branch.

* Make the tube layer visible again and activate it.

* Press Delete.

* Selections - Select None.

The above steps depend on the kind of tube your are using.

Add your name or text and add the same Drop Shadow.

Layers - Merge - Merge All (Flatten).

Add the copyright of the artist (if you used a copyrighted or paid tube).

Add your watermark.


Alternative Version by Snakelady


Alternative Version by Sonel

Woman Tube © Jet


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I hope you had much pleasure in making this tutorial.
Please leave the names and watermarks on the tubes intact.
Do no use anything without Snakelady's permission and no hot-linking please.
If you want to use her tutorial for other purposes, please ask permission first.
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